empowering the severely brain injured and their families via support, understanding and a network of care


I am delighted to serve as Chair of Trustees and firstly take this opportunity in thanking James, my predecessor, for taking Brain Injury is BIG to where it is today. I am very excited about our charity’s future. Sadly, like my fellow trustees, I  have had first-hand experience of severe brain injury when Bex (Rebecca) suffered a severe stroke many years ago. Bex spent several months in various central London hospitals and then several months in rehabilitation at RHND, Putney, before moving into residential care close to home in Islington, where she remains with severe neurological challenges. My personal experience of dealing with a loved-one suffering a prolonged disorder of consciousness is rather ironic given that I have spent more than 30 years as a lawyer representing severely brain injured accident victims. The unique combination of my personal experience and technical medico-legal knowledge ideally places me as a trustee and advisor to  Brain Injury is BIG.