empowering the severely brain injured and their families via support, understanding and a network of care

Brain Injury is Big Testimonials

“Thank you so much for your email. I felt very supported from such a quick response as I’ve felt very alone (but have incredible friends and family).  It is so hard to acknowledge what has happened and find it hard that I feel no one really knows our pain, but you do.  Such a long life time journey feels enormous, I would really like to meet or talk to you if this is ok?

M (June 2022)

“I am in the process of setting up a group to support family and friends of our patients, and I have been exploring other setting for examples groups for carers, family etc. It was in the process of doing this that I came across your website, which I think is just wonderful! It is clear from your site that those involved in Brain Injury is Big are passionate about ensuring families of patients with brain injuries have access to support and advice – which is a notion I fully agree with.”      

DK Neuro OT from Devon (Nov 2019)

“Hello Brain Injury is Big – I just wanted to say thank you so much, this grant means so much to Mum and the whole family, if only you could have heard her relief when I told her about the grant.  I  can’t thank you all enough!”

L (October 2018)

Following an approval by the Trustees for a the purchase of a Power pack for a wheelchair.

“Oh Gosh!  Thank you – I will go to the mobility centre tomorrow and will pay and get an invoice and send to you…. Thank you from all of us, especially Jimmy!!!

TK (April 2018)

“Thank you again so much for the Powerstroll.  We will use it for all the places that L has missed going to since he has been wheelchair bound.  It will open up a new world for us.  What a great organisation you have!  Many thanks once again!

R & L (November 2017)

“Dear all at Brain Injury is Big – The physio team and I are so delighted that you are helping us with this piece of kit.  The guys have been working so hard to do this fundraising over the last 16 months and so your purchase of the MOTOmed (exercise machine) is very much appreciated indeed!  Thank you!”

Fundraising Manager, Kingston Hospital Charity (September 2017)

“Good Morning – OMG Thank you so much!  You can’t begin to imagine how the help with travel expenses is right now!!”

IC (April 2017)

“Dear Brain Injury is Big – Thank you so much for your kind letter you sent to us saying you have funded £500 towards getting our house convertion finished for my husband’s coming home after his injury. This is a very kind and supportive thing to do and me and my family really do appreciate it.  My husband is doing very well since coming home and we are so happy.  This has made a big difference from kind and caring people.  Thank you.

JP (March 2016)

” On behalf of the residents, their families and staff of The Marillac I write with sincere thanks and appreciation for the wonderful gift of the Eye Gaze equipment so kindly donated to us for the benefit of our residents.  We are enormously grateful for this fantastic gift as it will greatly enhance and assist several of our residents who deserve all the support available at these very challenging times in their lives.  Please pass on our thanks and gratitude to the Trustees of Brain Injury is Big and to all who give their time and effort in achieving such a wonderful outcome on our behalf.  I know this would have taken a huge amount of fundraising for this very costly piece of equipment.  Thank you.”

Marillac Care (November 2015)