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Brain Injury is Big Social Events

Brain Injury is Big social events……. When the five of us first met, although we saw each other everyday at The Royal Hospital of Neuro-Disability we found to take ourselves away from the hospital environment was really beneficial. It enabled us to spend time chatting and sharing our thoughts with each other without the distractions of hospital life. It was one of these very meetings where we decided that the support we gave each other was so important that we wanted others to experience the same. This picture was taken back in 2011 at one of our first Brain Injury is Big social events, Pizza Express, Putney.

Over the years we have organised various gatherings, mainly in the London area, where many individuals and families have joined us and shared experiences, concerns and support for each other. If this is something you would be interested in you can find details of our next event on our Facebook, Twitter or click here to contact us.

Here’s a few pics of events we have held.

Sandra, who was one of our first contacts, asked if we would make a special road trip to Norwich to meet her and her family.  We had a great time over lunch talking about subjects close to our hearts and we realised how important these social events were.

Meeting up with new friends this time in a Tapas bar in London. Each of us realising how important it is to be able to open up to each other.