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Action for Brain Injury week theme announced!

Brain drain – Wake up to fatigue! 
Action for Brain Injury Week 2019 
20 – 26 May 


     Action For Brain Injury Week is a week-long awareness raising event that takes place between the 20th and 26th May 2019. Also known as ABI Week, the event is organised by Headway, a leading charity that is dedicated to promoting understanding of all aspects of brain injury.
For 2019, the theme of ABI week is “Brain Drain – wake up to fatigue!”. This theme was chosen to highlight the effect that fatigue or excessive tiredness effects those with a brain injury.

     Our brains control everything we do, think and feel. They are the control centre that dictates our actions and reactions, and the pace at which they happen. They are our batteries, recharged with sleep and rest. But after brain injury, these batteries drain far more quickly and therefore need recharging on a much more regular basis – often every few hours. 

     Added to this, sleep problems as a result of brain injury can make it more difficult to recharge and combat fatigue. 

     Fatigue can affect one’s recovery process and daily life. But as with many of the hidden effects of brain injury, ‘pathological fatigue’ can be widely misunderstood – not just by those around us, but even by the individuals themselves. 



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